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My name is Raffaela, I am an astro-particle physicist from the beautiful city of Muenster, Germany. This is my homepage slash blog slash travel diary.

In the navigation above you can find some stuff to look at. My latest adventure: Antarctica! Feel free to browse around.

Some of the content is in German. Also note that this page currently is still in development, so there might be some things not working properly yet. ... And yeah, I recently parted from my beloved typewriter fonts to make everything more human-readable. I know, I'm sad too.

Enjoy! :)

  • Uganda: Better late than never
  •   24. February 2019

Finally - FINALLY - I finished digitizing my Uganda diary. It took me over five years to sort through hundreds of photos and dozens of journal pages, envelopes of memories and souveniers, postcards and bus tickets, dried plants and Jacaranda seeds. But now the job is done! Read all about my friend Paul's and my journey through the beautiful east African country of Uganda in Uganda: Ein Reisetagebuch - the adventure that warmed me up to travelling in the first place.

The content is in German, but the photos are pretty in case you can't or don't want to read through my texts.

  • A year at the South Pole
  •   14. November 2018

I completed my newest adventure: A year at the South Pole as winterover for the IceCube Neutrino Observatory!
Although I've gotta say: There are adventures that are never truly complete, and I have the feeling - no, I know - this is one of those. Because sometimes, an adventure sends you on a very different kind of journey, that goes on long after you returned home, and on which you hopefully get to know yourself a little better. You don't have to go to the end of the world to achieve that, but it sure helps.

Read the whole story in Antarctica 2017/18.

  • Python, baby!
  •   26. November 2017

I am proud to announce that my little website runs on Python now! Don't be afraid - All the magic happens entirely on my computer; you - yes, you! - are looking at pure HTML and CSS only! For those of you who are interested in webdesign: Keep reading! Everybody else: Go look at awesome South Pole pictures here.

Now the interesting part: I used to hardcode my whole website in HTML, every single section, journal entry, headline. That sucks after a while, because HTML is kinda boring and has very limited possibilities (although I was suprised how long of a way it came since I first learned it in 2003).
So I wondered: "What is a more awesome way to do this?"
And the obvious answer was, of course: Python! Why? Because Python is awesome (thanks to my friend Lew for introducing me to it).
So I came up with a little Python script that writes my blog for me. All I have to do is feed it with my stories - and it automatically goes through all my folders, pulls the images out, generates the HTML code, and makes everything look awesome.

If you are curious about how I did it, feel free to contact me! :)

  • About

Never in my life had I expected to one day write one of these cheesy travel diaries that clutter the internet - But here I am. It all began when I visited Uganda in 2014. That trip changed my life in a way that only those can understand who at least once took the courage - or, as in my case, the blessing of naivly misled expectations - of leaving their home for a place that lies entirely outside the comfort zone of a family vacation or a pampering tourist resort.
I was so flashed by overwhelming experiences that I simply had no choice but sharing it with the world. That was the beginning of which later became - this website.

Some formal stuff:

This website,, and all content that is provided under this domain, are private and not intended for any commercial use. I do not claim any content to be accurate, but a reproduction of my own personal memories.
All contents, including texts and images, are (if not stated otherwise) created by myself and are subject to copyright. If you want to use my texts or images for your non-commercial purposes, feel free to contact me at the email address below.

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